The Upside

​”…having sat in another waiting area we were shown into the apparently highly regarded consultant’s room. A strong set man in a white coat who held himself with great authority and the bedside manner of a block of ice. He looked at our notes and explained to us in a really patronising manner that is was unlikely our baby would be able to live independently. He told us he would be unlikely to speak properly, would not go to mainstream school, may never be toilet trained and would need a lot of care and attention. That we were to expect to look after him for the rest of our lives.

We left the office in shock…”

Extract from A Positive Result, Joanne Pasquale
Jamie, me and his sister Lou taken in 2018.

Tell me your story…

One of the reasons I decided to finally publish A Positive Result was to show the world that having Down syndrome isn’t like that hideous consultant described to us almost 18 years ago. On this part of the website, the APR blog, I want to celebrate all the triumphs, cheer on all the efforts and show off all that is wonderful about having Down syndrome. Please, get involved by sending me your stories and I’ll include all those I can. Whether it’s your daughter’s first step, your son’s first word or your grandchild winning first place, let’s show the world what our kids can do… I’ll start.

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