A Positive Result

One boy with Down syndrome and a mum who refused to let others tell her what he could or couldn’t achieve.

​When Jo and Cliff were told their child had Down syndrome at the 15th week of pregnancy they had little idea of what this meant. Determined to provide the best for him, Jo found Jamie could teach her as much as she could teach him. This is her story of how it feels living with a child who is ‘different.’ With humour, determination and some sadness, Jo gives the reader an insight into a world where everyday tasks can be a struggle and simple things mean a great deal. She reveals how that extra chromosome may make Jamie different, but really, he is just the same as other children – given half the chance.

Signed copies available now

One in a thousand babies born in the UK every year have an extra chromosome that means they have Down syndrome. This is one boy’s story as seen through his mother’s eyes.

A Positive Result is available to order now. Please click the button below to get your copy.

Signed copies are available on request.

If you’d like to know more about the book please get in touch with Jo by e-mail on apositiveresult@gmail.com.

“This book is witty, gritty and beautifully written, a testament to a mother’s fiercely enduring love for her son, and a shining beacon of humour to those of us making our way through the fog.”
Sue Tulloch, proud parent of young man with Down syndrome

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A Positive Result

One boy with Down syndrome and a mum who refused to be told what he could or could not achieve


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